Teachers – MDJ


  • Ms.Hirano

    If you are far away from Japan, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn Japanese culture and stuff anymore.

    Let’s taste Japanese stuff!


  • Ms.Numano

    I taught many students from oversea Japanese language.

    Let’s chat about our favorite Anime !

    I hope we’ll see you soon!

  • Ms.Honda

    I love “Full metal Alchemist”, playing “final fantasy”.

    I’m familiar with Japanese Anime, so let’s chat about it in Japanese.

    I’m looking forward to it!!

  • Ms.Takano

    Hi, I majored Japanese language education at university era.

    The key to master Japanese is not only memorize but also enjoy itself.

    Let’s enjoy Japanese together!

  • Ms.Hashimoto

    I’m teaching a student 6 years.

    I love reading a book and trip!

    If you learn Japanese, you can get new perspective!

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