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Study Café

MDJ Study Café

~Manking online study group and study~

Study Café is an online study group from beginner to advanced.

All MDJ students are able to join for FREE!!

  • Café ditail

      *MDJ student can join all program
      *Café time is 50 minute and free entry and exit
      *Japanese teacher is in the room


    Let's talk about your favorite anime!

    Level:From Begginer to Advance


    Next Japan Circle:21st January(in United States)
    * Please refer to the following timetable for other country and region.


    ★Let's talk about ”Maho-tsukai”Anime.★
    We would like to inform you additional free lesson for speaking oppotunity.
    This month's theme is ”Your favorite Anime character”. What do you like?
    We're looking forward to talking with you all.


    Timezone Eastern central Mountain Pacific Hawai Tokyo
    Start 10:30PM 09:30PM 08:30PM 07:30PM 05:30PM12:30AM
    Timezone Start
    Eastern 10:30PM
    Central 09:30PM
    Mountain 08:30PM
    Pacific 07:30PM
    Hawai 05:30PM
    21st Jan.[Mon]

    The event will be held on our meeting rooms at Zoom 5.The password is 1.

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