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  • STEP.01

    Apply for a
    Free Trail Lesson

  • STEP.02

    Arrange your lesson
    time with counselor

  • STEP.03

    Take Free Trial Lesson

  • STEP.04

    Affordable Lessons

  • STEP 1 Apply For A Free Trial Lesson

    Apply for a Free Trail Lesson from here

  • STEP 2 Arrange your lesson time with counselors

    MDJ counselors will send you email and call you to set up your free trial lesson.
    After that, you will get an email confirmation for lesson details.

  • STEP 3 Take Free Trial Lesson

    1.You will get an invitation email 2 days before your free trial lesson.

    2.You will receive a skype call 10 minutes before the free trial lesson for orientation. After the orientation, your free trial lesson will start.

    Our office staff will explain you how to use a webmeeting room, webex at the orientation. You can get the details on webex using the link below.

  • STEP 4 Affordable Lesson

    After your free trial lesson, you can decide if you want to continue MDJ lessons.
    If you continue with MDJ, you can choose your payment method (by paypal or by credit card). There is no obligation.

After signing up for MDJ lesson subscription

You will get a lesson material and manga as free gift.

Let's start Japanese lessons with free trial lessons