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Privacy Policy

Five Start Corporation realizes the importance of protecting the customer's personal information and follows laws regarding
“protection of personalinformation” in Japan. In order for the customer to use our service with security,
we have set up a privacy policy and instruct all board members and employees in our company to follow this policy.

  1. 1. Collecting personal information

    Five Start Corporation collects and uses personal information only for necessary purposes such as offering our customers individual services, improving our lessons for the customer and providing other, additional services.

  2. 2. Management of Private Information

    Five Start Corporation has set up a privacy policy and manages private information through instructing all board members and employees to adhere to this policy.

  3. 3. Use of Private Information

    Five Start Corporation uses private information only for the purposes of offering our services, to send lesson materials and to contact them for necessary information by telephone, email or letter.

  4. 4.Disclosure of Private Information Except for the following cases,

    Five Start Corporation will not disclose private information to a third party without asking the person's permission.
    1) In the event of national or official request requiring the disclosure of such information.
    2) In the event that a person's life, welfare or property needs to be protected and the acquisition of said permission is problematic, (i.e. accidents, etc)

  5. 5. Removal of Private Information

    We will update or remove private information only after verifying a customer's identity.

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