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Monthly Prices

Regular Lesson
Lessons with two students.

Each lesson is 45 min.

  • Once / week

    4 lessons / month

    • US:$92
    • Canadian dollar:105CAD
    • Australia dollars:AUD 105
  • Twice / week

    8 lessons / month

    • US:$168
    • Canadian dollar:188CAD
    • Australia dollars:AUD 188
  • Three times / week

    12 lessons / month

    • US:$225
    • Canadian dollar:254CAD
    • Australia dollars:AUD 254

Other Fees and Costs

Sign-up fee: US$25 (CAD 28 in Canada)It is including printed material and a manga.
Option: Workbook US$30It is including sending fee by Air.

Payment for Lessons(After the free trial lessons)

Payment: Credit Card or Paypal

Absent policy

  • 1.If you are not able to attend a lesson, please inform us one day before your class.
  • 2.You are able to use your makeup lessons within 3 months. After that, it will be expired.



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