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Learn about MDJ

You can take Japanese lessons in the comfort of your home

You can take all MDJ lessons online from home. You do not need to go anywhere. By using only the internet and skype, you can experience engaging lessons from the comfort of your home

Fun textbooks with manga

MDJ's textbooks contain a lot of manga for learning Japanese. They also contain many websites about anime and Japanese culture. You can enjoy learning Japanese through manga and anime.

All teachers are native Japanese speakers

All teachers who belong to MDJ are native Japanese. They are qualified Japanese language teachers who have had ample training to teach online lessons.

MDJ will offer you lessons suitable for your level

You do not have to be concerned about your level of Japanese. MDJ teachers can offer these lessons at any level from beginners to advanced. Also, we have various lessons to meet the demands of students such as JLPT and Japanese business and anime drawing.

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