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  • What's Japan Circle?

    Japan Circle is an online discussion group, where you can practice the Japanese you learn in lessons. Practice your Japanese conversation skills with topics including: Japanese pop culture, travel in Japan, and more. Participation is free for MDJ members and non-members can ask questions via Twitter.

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    Level:From Begginer to Advance

    Next Japan Circle:February, 21st, Friday (in United States)
    * Please refer to the following timetable for other country and region.

    ★Let's chat about your favorite Manga and comic character costumes !★
    Let's chat about favorite Manga with new MDJ Instractor, Ms.Mizushima.
    She is well familier with Japanese Manga and Anime.So you maybe discover a new favorite one!
    And she is going to talk about Japanese Comic-Con and comic character costumes.
    Let's chat about what you love and have a fun time!


    Timezone Eastern central Mountain Pacific Hawai Tokyo
    Start 09:30PM 08:30PM 07:30PM 06:30PM 04:30PM 11:30AM
    Timezone Start
    Eastern 09:30PM
    central 08:30PM
    Mountain 07:30PM
    Pacific 06:30PM
    Hawai 04:30PM
    Tokyo 11:30PM

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